Kunjal Kriya

Those who are not able to perform Dhauti can practice Kunjal to clean their stomach. This kriya consists of drinking salted lukewarm water and then vomiting it out. Just as an elephant drinks water with his trunk and then throws it out, similarly this process is also practiced. It is therefore, also sometimes called Gaj Karni, meaning ‘elephant process’.

Kunjal should be done on the empty stomach. It can also be done in case of stomach upset and food poisoning so that poisonous food is thrown out. This is very useful for a person having bile (pitt) characteristics.

Technique: Sit in Utkatasana, ‘the posture of sitting on one’s feet. Drink lukewarm water about two or two-and-a- half liters in a quick succession. Stand up and bend a little forward. Keep your hands on your thighs. Take two of your fingers inside your mouth and vomit, bending forward. Repeat it two or three times until the entire water comes out. After sufficient practice, it would be no longer necessary to take the fingers into the mouth. Have breakfast of milk some time after this.

Advantages: It helps in curing the diseases like dyspepsia, Jaundice, indigestion, food poisoning, worms and also the diseases of the skin and blood. The stomach is cleaned and appetite increases.

Caution: Heart patients, and those having weak intestines as well as those suffering from sprue should not practice this.

Healthy persons should normally practice this once a week.