Drinking Water with Food

We usually drink water with or immediately after our meals. This is a wrong habit. Actually, there is no need to take water at the time of taking our meals. But we feel its need because we do not chew our food properly. There are some among us who seem to have no time for eating; they therefore do not chew their food, they swallow it. They do not allow the digestive saliva of the mouth to mix with their food. So they throw their food down their throat with a lot of water.

Water does not help in digestion; it actually hinders the process of digestion. Moreover, because of the pressure of water the intestines are not able to absorb all the digested food and it passes off the intestines. Water should be taken half an hour before or one hour after the meals. We should drink water several times between our lunch and supper Water washes our intestines and rids them of all impurities. We are therefore saved from many intestinal troubles. Water is actually a great purifier and we should make full use of this property of water. There are many yogic purifying practices in which water is used for cleaning the stomach or the intestines. An early morning dose of water checks bile, imparts vitality to all our organs arid helps keep bowels clean. Lemon juice and a spoonful of honey can also be mixed with it according to one’s liking and taste.